BIG BAD WOLF is brash and bold enough to believe we have a unique publishing experience to offer. First of all, we believe in developing a healthy relationship between editor, writer, and audience. We're all about making books as much fun and as engaging as possible.  For us the reader is as important as the writer, and that equal and engaged relationship is our primary focus. What are people reading, what are people writing, and can we all play nice together?

Publishing books that want to be read.

Our Story

Adrian Barnes and Almeda Glenn Miller have both been published by bigger publishing houses. We've experienced the excitement of writers festivals, awards, nominations, film options, radio interviews, readings. We've also experienced the agony and ecstasy of rejections and acceptances and good and bad reviews.  But we--ahem--want more.

With BIG BAD WOLF, we hope to make the publishing experience more meaningful for the writer, reader, and our project teams. We bring varied backgrounds to this venture--from performance art to online journalism--and we've got lots of ideas and talent that we're happy to share. Mostly, though, we just want to have a good time and see some nice books come out and make their way into the world.