Here at BIG BAD WOLF, your involvement in the publishing process is crucial, so if you just want to drop your manuscript off at the door or be treated like a fairytale prince or princess, we're not the house for you.  But if you want to participate in a total publishing experience from editing, design, to having your book launched in imaginative ways, you might just have struck gold.

Each book we publish is a fully collaborative effort between authors, editors, artists, designers, musicians (in the case of our first book, begin with the corners) and BIG BAD WOLF itself. We see our mission as publishing books that want to be read and see our task as connecting book and audience in the most dynamic way possible.

If this sounds like your idea of a good time, we'd like to hear from you. Ask yourself WHY you want to be published--what do you want to talk to the world about?--and prepare to begin that conversation with us.


Here's how we do these things...

You have some writing and we like to publish writing. So far so good! But in reality that's the same as saying 'You're a boy and I'm a girl'. A little premature to speak of marriage when we know nothing of favourite colours, sexual orientation, or feelings about butter versus margarine yet! In order for us to get to know one another, we'd like you to send us an email with TWO ATTACHMENTS: 1) ten pages from your manuscript and 2) a summary of the project that is less than 500 words long.

For our part, we pledge to get back to you faster than you ever dreamed possible with either a polite 'no thanks' OR a request for A) the full manuscript and B) a discussion of how you see your manuscript finding an audience.

This last is an important point. If you have no sense of what to do with your manuscript beyond adhering to the vague belief that its existence on a shelf would somehow better the collective lot of humanity, we're not the publishing house for you. That said, if you've never given this aspect of your work a lot of thought before, perhaps do so now! Just because you haven't thought about it doesn't mean you can't do so--and do so brilliantly!

Writing is all about communication, right? And there's no point in speaking to an empty room, right?

If this makes some sort of sense to you, that's a promising thing. In such a case, please, email your stuff to us at and we'll get back to you ASAP.

In case of general inquiries, please click here.